As your development partner we support you and give advice with the choice of the materials, the construction design and the technical realization of your work so that all components are tailored to your needs and requirements. This also includes a comprehensive professional execution, on-time-delivery, and appropriate transport packaging.

Our business activities consist of the following departments and areas:

  • CNC-milling
  • CNC-turning
  • Metalworking shop
  • Laser engraving
  • Drilling
  • Welding
  • Hardening and tempering
  • Varnishing
  • Component assembly
  • Quality control
  • Broad network of partners for external processing


Our highly skilled employees achieve with their experience, a state-of-the-art machinery and with robust production processes the highest requirements and quality standards.

  • CNC-lathes
  • CNC-machining centres
  • CNC-saw HBA 260s
  • Metal surface grinder
  • Hardening furnace and tempering furnace
  • Welding machinery
  • Precise measuring machinery
  • Broad network of partners for external processing


Amongst other materials we shape and process the following ones:

  • Various sorts of steel like heat-treated steel, case-hardened steel, and tool steel
  • Non-ferrous metals like aluminium and bras
  • Synthetic materials and rubbers

This flexible selection of materials is highly valued by our customers, the automotive industry, since more than 20 years. Your material requirements together with product safety and economic feasibility are our top priority.

We would be pleased to consult you!